Have been thinking a bit more about my most recent post, about meaning, identity, work.

I think the “work” and “identity” bits correlate strongly, but aren’t causal. Rather, I think it’s that I miss being on a team, and having a sense of community, or collective struggle.

I realized this morning that — if I were to disappear — absolutely nobody apart from my family would notice me missing, for some time. Most of my connections with people are infrequent, and online via ephemeral or ignorable tools; who would know that I wasn’t just busy? My customer interactions are all over email; maybe I just got bad at customer support? My crew team would notice, perhaps, but only to the extent that they’d need to shuffle the boat lineup a bit … they’re not a very sentimental or emotional bunch (which is fine).

Having lunch with a series of friends next week, which should be nice. Also working at a foodbank on Thursday, which I’m looking forward to.

So the good news — I don’t think I’m actually beholden to an employer for identity. The deeper question, then: “whither my tribe?”

Still mulling on that.

Charlie Park @charliepark