In the vein of “track the important things”, I’ve been trying a new technique for tracking my productivity during the day. In case it helps you:

  1. create a spreadsheet and enter in your work day’s hours in Column A, in 15-minute chunks.
  2. during the day, mark down how productive each block was:
    • 4 = “flow state” / in the zone
    • 3 = working well on the right thing
    • 2 = working poorly on the right thing, or working well, but on an unimportant (but useful) task
    • 1 = working on things that won’t have an impact / distracted
  3. If you like, you can add some fancy conditional formatting so you can see the “productive blocks” more easily.

The goal, over time, is to increase the 3s and (if possible) 4s, and decrease the 1s and 2s. It’ll take time.

Charlie Park @charliepark