Excited aboout the potential of micro.blog. I had been experimenting with a number of similar ideas for my own microblogging tool, but I really like the spirit of what Manton (and Jean, and … others?) are doing with micro.blog.

I think the intro video Manton made last week is really solid and helped me get my head around the service. Even though it was algned in many ways with the project I was already thinking about, I still wasn’t quite getting it. Now that I do, I’m excited to see if I actually use it.

I think the only feature my own project had that I haven’t seen in micro.blog yet is the ability to post directly from Slack. Maybe I’ll build on the micro.blog API to enable that. As I’m not on Slack as much these days since I went indie again, though, I might not bother with that.

Anyway, hello.

Charlie Park @charliepark